Finance & Accounting Services

Our finance team will work with you to understand the precise accounting needs of your business and plan desired procedures to seamlessly take care of all your financial accounting needs.  Examples of services that can provide include:

  • Financial close execution automation (allocations, order/project settlement, currency translation and valuation, etc.)
  • Financial close reporting automation (profit and loss, balance sheet, asset depreciation, multi-currency, etc.)
  • Financial accounting and reports: general ledger, bills payable/receivable, cash flow statements, petty cash book, bank reconciliation statements
  • Maintenance of accounting master data
  • Financial health status reports
  • Cost accounting technical process support (product costing, overhead costing, profitability analysis)
  • Implementation of revenue recognition methodologies
  • Budgeting/planning and cash forecasting technical process support

Our service excellence ensures that your business gains an edge in terms of minimizing cost overheads, increasing productivity of your core team, and most importantly unburdening you from all the finance handling processes.