Time Management

Easily keep track of employee hours for improved payroll, activity tracking and shift management. Our Time Clock Management module supports unlimited employees as a comprehensive employee time and attendance system.  The Time system records punch in and punch out times, and employee time sheet entries.

Staff responsible for timekeeping check workers into the respective work breakdown structure (WBS) element at the start of their shifts. At the end of their shift, the workers are checked out again and the app creates relevant time worksheets in the ERP system.

The Time Tracker stores the workers’ check-in data on the mobile device and generates the time entry automatically upon the worker’s electronic check-out.

Time Clock Management also allows time recording of workers in offline mode at remote sites. Besides enabling a comprehensive overview of which workers and how many are checked in for work at that site, the app also records the deployment times of construction equipment. Time Tracker uses ERP’s secure login, supports single sign-on, and encrypts all data prior to their transmission.