Physical Security of Data Center

Utilizing the latest, industry-standard ITIL concepts and practices, our expert administration and monitoring staff are Foundation Certified. We safeguard your company’s ERP systems 24/7 by physically monitoring your ERP environment. The server room is secured via a separate access control system, with three network service providers providing redundant internet traffic for your setup.

Our state-of-the-art, highly secure data center environment features power redundancy and multiple connectivity options to meet your business hosting needs. In addition, our virtualization capabilities include flexible hosting infrastructure offerings—from dedicated physical servers for larger organizations planning to regularly utilize the entire landscape to enterprise virtualization for organizations wishing to reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies and increase server utilization, among other objectives. We provide our services from our data center located in Denver, CO and underground facilities in Missouri. These facilities are permanently and continuously connected to provide high availability and to deliver disaster recovery services to our customers. Data replication between our sites is implemented based on high bandwidth connection and provides Storage Area Network replication.