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Purchasing/Vendor Management

ERPCannabis software complex considers all aspects of MMJ field of operation. Access your Vendor’s profile and record payments, track batches, see outstanding balance and manage all transactions seamlessly.

ERPCannabis designed an easy-to-use, flexible, cloud-based inventory control system that tracks all inventory, consumables, and non-consumable items vital to your collective. Our sleek, user-friendly interface helps make it simple and secure to keep control of your inventory and manage your vendor profiles.

Shelf & Safe: Our inventory system has a shelf and safe system. Every product created, goes into the safe first. The product comes from the vendor directly into the safe. Only a small amount goes from the safe to the shelf and is visible for the POS system. Inventory can easily be categorized and tagged by the vendor. Unique labels are easily created for every unit with the product name, brand, manufacturer, barcode, category, weight, cost price and description, which can be printed directly.

Profile Management: Create and manage the profiles of the goods you keep in inventory, view inventory info of any given profile. Basic product details include name, description, image, pricing and remaining balance. Advanced options include barcodes, cost, vendor information and tax rates availability on multiple shelves. Each product also has a detailed table of values: Safe Qty, Shelf Qty, Online Qty, Prepack Qty, Total Qty, Sales Price, Cost, Retail Sale Price, Price Per Gram, Purchase Price Total etc.

Invoicing: Our system allows unique invoice numbering, date and time stamping, tagging and a one click invoice report.

Processing cannabis requires a system to track converted material back to the source for both Quality Assurance and Testing purposes. The ERPCannabis system records data necessary for compliance and automatically ports required information to product labels, saving time and increasing transparency.  Manage wholesale transactions, create purchase orders and generate invoices across multiple licensed locations with one integrated interface.

  • Transport Manifest– Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.
  • Conversion Tracking– Record product conversions for a complete chain of custody logging, cost per gram calculations, and product notifications/recall.

True Hardware Integration– Scales are hardwired to the system virtually eliminating human error. Only a locally hosted application can support direct hardware integration.