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Processing & Maintenance of Equipment

Processing Facilities must be operated efficiently and effectively to maximize return on investment and optimize the use of production resources. Effective use of these resources – raw materials, labor, equipment, packaging, and tools requires an integrated system with visibility of complex schedules, scheduling interactions, costs, and alternatives. With ERP Cannabis, you can efficiently manage the Processing lifecycle from raw materials to finished product to final sale with world-class enterprise resource planning software from ERP.

With real-time visibility into the material and resource availability, forecasted customer demands, and production schedules as well as powerful analytics, it’s easier to optimize production resources, minimize inventory on hand, all while eliminating stock outs and production fire-drills.

The ERPCannabis Processing Module leverages ERPs leading production planning capabilities and built-in integration with Materials Management, Finance, and Human Resources. Visibility into these companion modules enables the Production Planner to shift production schedules based upon available materials and resources in real time, thereby minimizing downtime and rework in production.

Integration to Maintenance Planning allows you to not only minimize equipment downtime but also minimize production impacts and lost revenue/sales due to production shortfalls.

The Materials Planning process can be used for forecasting long-term material requirements as well as short-term production needs. Production Execution covers the full production lifecycle – from the creation of production requirements, scheduling of resources, workflow automation, use of raw materials and receipt and shipment of finished goods.

  • Custom Product Recipes – Raw Materials, tools, cure times, batch sizes
  • Recipe Variations and Versions – enable multiple processing options and batch sizes, processing equipment variations (different tools that produce the same final product)
  • Production Forecast – schedule production requirements months in advance, based upon sales forecasts, shelf life requirements, material lead times, vacation schedules, etc

Barcodes & RFID: ERPCannabis integrates with Barcode and RFID technology to accurately track and manage production and inventory processes. This simple, yet powerful tool will help you to quickly streamline inventory, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Businesses depend on key data points to make decisions every day; ERPCannabis’ powerful analytics suite offers unprecedented access to the figures that isolate strengths and areas to seek improvement.  It provides all this information in an easy to use dashboard that will show numbers at a high-level with the capability of drilling down into that information.  Historical data is retained indefinitely making year after year reporting only a few clicks away.  ERPCannabis can convert data from your current system into ERPCannabis to ensure accurate reporting from day one.

  • Sales Trends – Identify best sellers and calculate Sell Through Rate to stay properly stocked.
  • 280e Tax Report– Calculate and document tax obligations, deductions, and liability.
  • Productivity reporting – see what tasks employees have completed for a given period
  • Dashboard reporting – a real-time look into all areas of your business.
  • Easy to use dashboards on-demand
  • Flexible queries
  • Complete view of all business activities